Ready to make your selfies work for you?

Calling All Boss Babes, Network Marketing Queens, and Work From Home Mamas!

I see you girl, working hard to make money from your passion. You’re hustling to try to build your online business but even with all your hard work, you feel like something’s missing?


 ✓ Posting 5 times a day on Facebook
 ✓ Liking and commenting on your target audience’s posts
 ✓ Working your business building activities, your power hours and your follow up Fridays and every other time in between

But…money’s not flowing in like you expected. You feel dangerously close to burnout and you’re at your wit’s end trying to figure out why it’s still not raining money. I know why – I get you, babe. I’ve actually been you, and I can tell you what’s missing.


Your image, your face, your “selfies” build the connection with your audience and potential customers. Selfies are more than what you send to your BFF on #badhairdays and #goodmakeupdays. They’re a powerful marketing tool and they’ve allowed me to build my brand and business from scratch. In just under 2 years, I have been able to serve more than 3,000 around the world! 

My course Selfies That WOW can teach you how to perfect the power of selfies and in just 2 weeks – totally revolutionizing your business.










Meet Liberty, The Selfie Coach!

Liberty went from stay at home mom, to photography studio owner, to burnt out network marketer in just 5 years. Her journey to becoming #theselfiecoach didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it was many many “You can’t”s that she weaved together into “Watch Me!” She was on fire for helping women see their potential. By doing the opposite of what she was told, Liberty took everything about herself that the world told her to hide and used it to launch a brand she is proud of, and started a whole new industry on top of it. She is obsessed with helping women step out of the box and be seen by the world while building their businesses and dreams. Her husband and 2 children couldn’t be more proud!

Here’s What To Expect!

* The selfie love begins Monday, December 9 *

Lesson 1: Lighting 101

The first thing that can make a selfie great is LIGHTING. If you get this wrong, you could not only put off a totally weird vibe, but bad lighting can actually age you and add 15 lbs. No one wants that!! During this first lesson, I will walk you through making sure the lighting is perfect. I will show you how to use FREE daylight to your advantage, and how to use a ring light without causing the dreaded ghost face.

Lesson 2: Angles 101

It’s all about the angles right? That’s honestly the biggest question I hear, how do I take a flattering angle? And contrary to mainstream beliefs, it isn’t 2 feet above your head. No worries for you, because in this lesson I’ll walk you through how I discovered my best angles, and how you can find yours too. #nomoredoublechin I’ll show you some fun and out of the box poses too, so you don’t feel like you are showing the same thing again and again.

Lesson 3: Connection 101

You know what really stops someone in their scroll? The thing that makes them go “WOAH”? It’s the connection you bring to the selfie. This ONE skill can make or break a photo and I am going to help you NAIL IT EVERY TIME. I will show you my tried and true method for not looking like a deer in the headlights, but instead looking directly at your ideal client even though there is a computer screen between you.

Lesson 4: Using It All To Stop Their Scroll. 

The whole point of taking amazing selfies is to use them to grab your customers’ attention, and then get them to read what you have to say. You only have 3 seconds to make that incredible impression so you better make it count! In lesson 4, I will walk you through taking your thoughts and creating a post that will be easy to read and create action in your customer.

Want to join Selfies That WOW?

Who’s Selfies That WOW for?

Selfies That WOW isn’t for everyone. I’m looking for a specific kind of woman who has big dreams, big goals, and a big motivation to create a personal brand. The perfect #SelfieBestie student:

 ✓ Needs to take selfies for her business, but hates what’s in her camera roll

 ✓ Feel like her posts launch to crickets

 ✓ Isn’t confident about the selfies she takes so she never posts them

 ✓ Wants to create a strong brand her customers connect with

 ✓ Wants to turn her hard work into the career she’s been dreaming about!

Is rocking her business but has absolutely no clue how to take a good photo

Wants to launch in 2020 in a bigger bolder way





If you’re screaming “YES” then join me and your new #SelfieBesties for our LAST class of the decade! 

What’s Included?

Four Core Lessons

Your lighting lesson will available Monday, December 9. Your angles lesson will be dropped Wednesday, December 11. Connection will be available on Monday, December 16 and Lesson 4 will be available Wednesday, December 18. These will give you everything you need to change your selfies right away.

Supplementary Goodies

Not only will you be getting the video lessons, you will also be receiving my Selfies That WOW workbook, and examples of how selfies and posts that I have done. Basically, you are getting EVERYTHING you need to WOW your following.

Private Facebook Group

Starting on December 9th, you’ll have access to a private, members-only Facebook group. I’ll be active in this group Monday – Friday and available to answer any questions you have, review your selfies, give feedback on your selfies and coach you through it, etc.

Weekly Assignments 

When we start on the 9th, I’ll be teaching you and giving you homework assignments to make sure you’ve TAKEN ACTION. As your coach, I will not just praise you and your efforts, but I will also give you constructive advice to move you forward. This is the push you need to put your money where your mouth is and to DO what you know you need to do in order to get the results you want.


LIVE Group Calls

I’ll be hosting two live group coaching call on Zoom on Thursday, December 12th at 6 PM CST.  This is your chance to hop on, chat with me face to face, and ask anything you need. YES, the call will be recorded and you can submit questions ahead of time if you can’t make it live.