Business & Life Coaching
For Women


Have you ever felt tired of living halfway?

Knowing you have the potential inside you to be incredible, but unsure how to let that out? Maybe you have been told that the only way to be successful is to be a watered down version of yourself to appeal to a broader audience. Are you tired of following everyone else’s directions only to miss the goal and feel like you are faking it too much. Listen bestie, I GET YOU! Hell, I was YOU!


I have walked down that lonely road before to find myself again
and become a voice that shines and I am here to help you do the same.

This coaching is for you IF…

 ✓ You have been taught to water down your personality to make sales.

 ✓ You have been searching for something that sets your heart on fire.

 ✓ You are going through the motions but feel lost and still don’t have success.

 ✓ You want to create something that YOU came up with, not someone else.

 ✓ You are willing to dig deep and get out of your way.

 ✓ You are looking to grow your influence through social media platforms.

What do you want to talk about, Bestie?

 ✓ You social media profiles and presence

 ✓ Personal Branding

 ✓ Posting that gets noticed

 ✓ Create massive engagement without using clickbait

 ✓ How to effectively become the face of your brand

 ✓ How to overcome MLM PTSD

 ✓ How to Grow your Network in a cold market

 ✓ How to be authentic online

 ✓ How to sell without selling

 ✓ How to go LIVE with confidence

 ✓ Letting go of past hurts to grow into your new self

 ✓ Letting go of limiting beliefs

What’s Included:

 ✓ 4  1:1 calls every month, held in a private Zoom room

 ✓ Personalized Action + Goals weekly to be accountable

 ✓ Unlimited message support via WhatsAPP

 ✓ Access to my Selfie Coach Group and lessons during your 1:1 month

 *Bonus Unlimited Face to Face support via Marco Polo App 

Your Investment:


But I only have 4 spots a month to coach women privately, and this month I only have 2 spots left!

Meet Liberty, The Selfie Coach!

Liberty went from stay at home mom, to photography studio owner, to burnt out network marketer in just 5 years. Her journey to becoming #theselfiecoach didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it was many many “You can’t”s that she weaved together into “Watch Me!” She was on fire for helping women see their potential. By doing the opposite of what she was told, Liberty took everything about herself that the world told her to hide and used it to launch a brand she is proud of, and started a whole new industry on top of it. She is obsessed with helping women step out of the box and be seen by the world while building their businesses and dreams. Her husband and 2 children couldn’t be more proud!

Here’s what my clients experienced while working together…

 ✓ The 2nd biggest month in their business

 ✓ More engagement and conversations with their social media audiences

 ✓ Confidence boosting, overcoming obstacles

 ✓ Expanding their non-profit into another city

 ✓ More influence on social media

A Little Client Love

Liberty helped me changed my path!

“Before working with Liberty, I really lacked self-confidence. I hated posting selfies and felt mine were low quality. I decided to work with the selfie coach to learn how to take a more attractive photo of me and my products. I was surprised that we dove DEEP into my life, my passion and my needs. Things I was struggling with. It was like a super good therapy session with a bestie. Liberty absolutely listened to me. Since working with her, I have opened up to my network, I’ve become more real, more raw, more vulnerable which makes me more relatable. I’ve looked at my life, my struggles and I changed my direction and my work. Liberty helped me changed my path! Because of her I left a company that I was lacking passion for and jumped into my fire again!”

Lyndsay Betts

Director with Farmasi

I started as a broken down woman who had zero self-confidence…

“When I started working with Liberty, my goal was to become real with myself and my audience. I struggled to let people know the truth, my accomplishments, and my journey! I felt hidden like I was hiding myself. I felt like Liberty listened to me 100% and she loved me through it!!! After working just 1 month with her my relationships are real! I have a story and know someone needs to hear it so I boldly share! The pictures, the encouragement, the words of wisdom are truly priceless! Liberty is a gem and I’m so thankful to be able to call her my friend!! And oh let’s talk the victories,  sweet victories! I started as a broken down woman who had zero self-confidence and bloomed into a woman of worth and a flourishing business! My relationship with Liberty will not stop because our video calls have! #selfiebesties #reallifebesties My advice to anyone who wants to hire the Selfie Coach, is If you’re scared, try anyway!”

Kia Hopson

Hempworx Affiliate

I am a Maskcara Makeup Artist, and I was terrified to go LIVE.

“My main reason for working with Liberty was to gain confidence and increase interactions on my social media. I am a Maskcara Makeup Artist, and I was terrified to go LIVE. When I would finally post something I would hear crickets. It made me nervous and ultimately disappointed. Liberty was so easy to work with, she listened to the problems and then came up with quick/easy actionable steps for me. Since working one on one with the Selfie Coach, I have Increased my confidence, gained more followers, increased my sales, and increased my engagement with my audience. And, personal victory… since I gained more confidence, I wore a bikini to the water park and didn’t worry if anyone was laughing/talking about it (hint… no one did so it was all in my head, lol).”

Morgan Raimo

Makscara Beauty Makeup Artist

Are you ready to see a change in your life in just 4 weeks? You can!