So you wanna be tiktok famous?

This is you.

You created an account and have been scrolling the For You Page (#FYP) and stay up way too late watching 1 minute clips.

You haven’t gotten up the courage to post a video yet. Should you dance? Or Lipsync? How do they do that thing with their face?

Or maybe, you have been posting. Thinking this video surely will make you go viral you post and wait….

But nothing happens. You refresh your feed and the video only has 20 views, 1 like and that doesn’t count because it is your sister.

You get frustrated. You KNOW this is where the people are. You KNOW this is the app that will open you up to a whole new customer base. But you can’t figure it out.

So you stop posting videos and go back to swiping through videos. You stay up too late watching all the things and keep telling yourself Tiktok is just for kids, and you don’t have time to figure it out.

This could be you.

You decide to go all in and give it a whirl.

You make a video, post it, and go like other videos. Then you go eat dinner. You come back to TikTok an hour later and see your video has been seen 5ooo times! What?

You have 100 new followers and 15 comments to read. You get so excited you hurry up and make another video, and another.

The next morning your follower count is up to 1000. OVERNIGHT!

You make 3 more videos to post and continue enjoying all the other content around you. The algorithm sees you and respects the hustle.

Your video lands on the FYP. By nightfall you have gone semi viral. More than 20k views.

Not only that, but now, you are getting random orders from your website. And the only thing you did differently is made a few TikToks. Within 2 weeks you’ve gained 10k followers and rising.

Many of your videos have over 30k views. Some even go on to hit 100k. You have momentum now and you will hit 20k followers soon.

Isn’t That What you Really want?


Road to Tiktok Fame

2 hour workshop create to get you on the path to gaining confidence, followers, and fame on tiktok.

i will cover

 ✓ creating a tiktok profile

  Navigating Your Home screen, Following, and FYP

  Recording a video in App

  Editing video using effects, sounds, clips and more

  creating momentum in the Tiktok Algorithm

  saving ideas for future videos

  spotting trends so you can jump on them

  creating cool transitions in videos

 ✓ Tracking your analytics

 ✓ creating original content based on videos you found

 ✓ creating community and loyal followers

 ✓ the exact formula i used to gain 12k followers in 14 days




Here’s What To Expect!



90 minute video lessons

This workshop is a LIVE workshop that has been recorded. Each session will be 30 minutes long with a 5-minute break in between. I will be on LIVE video and screen sharing within the app. In the first session, I will cover basics to TikTok, Menus, Home Screen, and ALL the buttons. In the second session I will show you how to search and save content, the discovery, and for you page, and how to engage in the algorithm to promote you as an active user. During the second session, I will show you how to use sounds, duets, record clips, and edit them, and create a library of usable content.


30 minute q & a

After all 3 sessions, I will open up comments for questions. This is the perfect time to ask anything not covered that you want to know or to ask for clarification on the things covered. If you are not LIVE for the workshop you will not have access to this. I will not be answering questions after the LIVE.

lifetime replay

Once the workshop is over I will upload the recording to your Thinkific classroom where you will have lifetime access to the replay.

📲 OH My LANTA! Count Me IN! 📲









You have questions? I have answers.

Fill out this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Most emails are answered within a 24 hour period unless it is the weekend.


**Please only send an email if after you have read through the entire page you still  have questions.

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