Isn’t it time for a Glow Up?!

Let’s be real. You aren’t having fun on social media anymore. You haven’t for a while. Ever since you started your business, all you can think about is what kind of post will bring in the sale. Every time you find a new person to friend you think “When will they buy from me?” and then you feel guilty about spending too much time on social media when you aren’t actually getting the sales. Not to mention treating people like a number or a potential sale is life-sucking.

Social Media can be fun!

 ✓ Enjoy posting   Make real friends    Make the $ you want easily

By being intentional, tweaking a few habits, and finding inspiration everywhere, you can change your entire social media presence and experience in as little as 30 days. 

The Glow Up is Real!

Aren’t you ready to stop scrolling aimlessly, being bored by your timeline, and being suck with analysis paralysis?









Time to Show Up + Glow Up!


I want you to know

  You can enjoy social media

  You can sell online without feeling guilt 

  Your following can grow effortlessly

This is a 30 Day Social Media Glow Up Challenge. Part coaching program part accountability challenge, this was created for women entrepreneurs who are ready to make a change.





If you’re screaming “YES” then keep reading!




Hi, I’m Liberty, The Selfie Coach! 

but it’s not just about selfies, it is SO much more.  It’s about showing up as yourself daily for yourself & your business.

No one cares about what I post.


A few years ago, this is exactly what I felt. Like no one was even listening. I would work long and hard on creating that perfect post that I thought people would love only to get 1 or 2 likes.

No comments. No conversation. No engagement.

I not only felt so lonely, but I also felt like I had no hope to make money using social media. 

Then I decided to show up doing the thing I LIKED to do. I showed up as myself consistently. Everyday, I was who I needed to be for myself.

And it


And frankly, my confidence too .

It was like air was breathed into my media feeds. People were responding and so happy to see someone REAL. They started commenting, and I started listening. WE WERE CONNECTING.

Now I have built an audience that not only loves me and what I have to say, but they know and trust me. This means I have to freedom to switch gears and sell whatever I want and they know they can trust my choice and buy from me.

I know you CRAVE that kind of freedom.


This is it!

the moment you decide to show up with the intention to build something great.

Okay, let me break it down for ya.


As soon as you sign up you will get an email (from with a link to access your online classroom right away as well as a Facebook group. In your online classroom, there will be lessons and bonuses for you to begin watching immediately. This is PRE-WORK. The sooner you sign up, the bigger head start you get. These lessons are the foundation of EVERYTHING you need to gain confidence and show up like never before in a short amount of time. (That’s the best!)

Request to join the Facebook group right away. I will open the floodgates aka Group door on February 17 for you to come in, mingle, and get to know your other besties. THIS IS MY FAVORITE part of this program. Community is what is going to give you strength and confidence. This is also where I will be like a “Coach in your pocket”. I am there with you every step of the way to push you to stretch and pull out the woman you’ve been hiding. USE THIS GROUP, this is your accountability.

I will be in the group ready to answer questions M-F 9am – 4pm CST. However, I will be in and out to help answer questions the week before and the week after the group.

The official coaching starts February 24 and ends March 31

Here’s What To Expect!

* Class Officially starts February 24 *

You Now

Social Media is a mess
No clear message
Sporadic here and there posting
Content is going in all different directions
No cohesive voice
Brand is splintered and lost
Lost, unclear on what to post
No consistency, audience doesn’t know what to expect
Feel like no one cares
Think you’re boring
Your sales are few and far between
Audience doesn’t trust you

You 30 Days From NOW

Social media is neat, planned
Message is clear
Posts are consistent
Clear direction and flow of content
Cohesive voice blends business in
Strong brand
Know what to post for interaction
Posting consistently with ease
Know your audience and want they want from you
Know you aren’t boring and have plenty to say
Make money when you want
Audience trusts you and buys from you on the regular

Oh My LANTA! Count Me IN!

Even if you don’t purchase this course you NEED to know!

You can enjoy social media

You can sell on social media without guilt

Friends on social media are real friends

Your followers can grow effortlessly

You have plenty to say

You have time to be consistent

30 Days from now your social media can feel so different


What’s Included?

Three Core Lessons

Mindset, Audience, and Your Everyday Life are the key to changing your social media so quickly. We will go over everything in video lessons and I am here to answer any questions you have.

Supplementary Goodies

Not only will you be getting the video lessons, you will also be receiving my Selfies That WOW workbook WITH audio, printable worksheets, content planner, and more.

Private Facebook Group

Starting on February 17, you’ll have access to a private, members-only Facebook group. I’ll be active in this group Monday – Friday and available to answer any questions you have, review your selfies, give you opinions, help you tackle your mindset and more.

Daily Accountability

No, I won’t be hunting you down, or sliding into your DMs. I will post a thread daily to see how you are showing up. As your coach, I will not just praise you and your efforts, but I will also give you constructive advice to move you forward. This is the push you need to put your money where your mouth is and to DO what you know you need to do in order to get the results you want.


LIVE Group Calls

I’ll be hosting 2 live group coaching call on Zoom on Tuesday February 25 and March 10 at 7 PM CST. This is your chance to hop on, chat with me face to face, and ask anything you need. YES, the call will be recorded and you can submit questions ahead of time if you can’t make it live. But it is oh so much better LIVE!









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