Want to take an amazing selfie?

One that makes you feel hot and confident all day long?

but feel clueless when it comes to lighting, angles, or even what app you should use? 


PaRticipating in this membership may result in: bold confidence, a sexier relationship, a flirtier vibe, more “right” swipes, more pep in your step, a steamier sex life, bigger smiles, a bigger social media appearance, a new spark in your marriage, more self love, an overall happier life.

👉🏻 Isn’t it about time you stopped believing the lie “I Can’t Take Good Selfies” 👈🏽

Look, I get it. 

“I can’t take good selfies” is a lie I let myself believe for far too long. I wasn’t as pretty, as skinny, as clean, as whatever the f*ck the other girls on social media were. I just wasn’t. And that is the lie I told myself every time I tried to take a selfie and it turned out wrong. I said it everytime I posted an image to my online dating profile (yes I met hubby using Match.com – different story for a different time), everytime I posted a photo to Facebook I cringed at the thought that someone would tell me I was too ugly to post. Too fat to post.

Too insignificant. That’s really what it felt like. I wasn’t important enough to post it. Because I didn’t look like the other women on Instagram. What a load of bullsh*t.

When I started taking better selfies, I felt better about myself and I stopped looking around and comparing myself to women on social me­dia. Instead, I began to give myself grace and see who I am and what I truly am worth. Seeing the ways that I am unique and beautiful. I was now a mompreneur who went through a “Selfie Evolu­tion” herself. I started LOVING how I looked in photo after photo after photo. Boy, is it incredible what will happen in your mind when you become happy with what you see.

So if you are ready to change the way your selfies look and how you feel I’ve got the answer right here.

My Selfie Coach class membership + community. Real tips, real results.

Just check out my #SelfieBesties’ results!

Morgan 2
Morgan 2

Ready For Your SElf(ie) Evolution?

It’s time to call BS on the story that you can’t get it right. It’s time to take pictures of your self that you feel AMAZING about because of how hot and confident you look – whether you’re using them on your dating profile to attract high quality men, or are sharing them on social media to grab the attention of your ideal clients.

Here’s what you can expect with your monthly membership:

👏🏻  every  month  👏🏻

  • 2 Video Tutorials (to va va vooomph those selfies)
  • 2 Feedback Fridays (to get answers from the one and only Selfie Coach)
  • 1 FREE Limited Edition Preset only available to members
  • Fun Challenges
  • Access to an incredible community to lift each other up and cheer each other on.

👏🏻  Example Lessons  👏🏻

How to Fake Portrait Mode, How To Remove A Blemish, How Much is TOO Much Smoothing, Where Do I Look?, How Did You Do That? Selfies with Short Hair, Help I look Like an Alien,  How to Slim Your Face, How to Make Your Face Look Fuller, Posing Your Curvy Body, Posing Your Thin Body, Outfit Selfies, Emotional Selfies, Flirting With Selfies, Dating Profile Pics That WOW, DMV Pictures Don’t Have to Suck! USies – Taking Photos With More Than 1, and SO MUCH MORE

Meet Liberty, The Selfie Coach!

Liberty went from stay at home mom, to photography studio owner, to burnt out network marketer in just 5 years. Her journey to becoming #theselfiecoach didn’t happen overnight. Instead, it was many many “You can’t”s that she weaved together into “Watch Me!” She was on fire for helping women see their potential and find their confidence. By doing the opposite of what she was told, Liberty took everything about herself that the world told her to hide and used it to launch a brand she is proud of, and started a whole new industry on top of it. She is obsessed with helping women step out of the box and be seen by the world while building the life of their dreams. Her husband and 2 children couldn’t be more proud!