Do you wish your selfies looked like this?

What if a great selfie 🤳🏻 can:

Boost Your 💋 Confidence

Boost Your Self Love 💕 Vibe #selflovewarrior

Reignite your marriage 💍

Connect 🤗 you to other women #growyourtribe

Connect you to your ideal target 🎯

Give you more visibility 👀 online #alleyesonyou

Boost 👩🏻‍🎤 your influence

Connect you to customers 💰#sidehustle

Build a bigger 📈 audience

Get your message ✉️ seen & heard

😊 I’m so happy to tell you a supercharged selfie 🤳🏻 CAN do all that and more! Let me show you how! #glowup!




if your selfies turn out like this….

….instead of this…

You should probably keep scrolling… Just saying!



Introducing Selfies That $ell!

a 6-week group coaching program for massive growth & transformation. This is for that woman that is ready to have a powerful personal presence online and offline and take her selfies to the next level.

🚨 warning 🚨

Completing this Program May Result In:

  a rise in confidence

  more attention online

  more swagger in your step

  a growth in followers

  a raise in income

  overcoming fears

  a sense of overall empowerment

  a feeling of being worthy

  a strong sense of identity

I know you’re ready for this, but I also know you don’t know what to do.  

let me help you!

If you’re screaming YES”  then keep reading!


Hi, I’m Liberty, The Selfie Coach….. 

. . . & I love my camera roll.


👉🏻 I get it. You have 100 selfies in your camera roll and you don’t like a single one. I have been there. I remember that feeling.

I remember sitting on my couch with something cool to say to my audience and then scrolling through my album and being frustrated with every photo. Eventually, I would get so upset about it I would toss my phone and not post anything 😤

That is sooo real in my brain.

I also hear all the time “it’s totally normal to have 50 bad selfies to get just 1 good one”.

I disagree.

Imagine opening your camera roll and have 20 amazing selfies you love, none that you don’t.

Imagine having a hard time posting a selfie because you love them all and can’t possibly choose!

THIS  👏🏻 IS  👏🏻 MY 👏🏻 REALITY.

And it can be yours too.

It is my passion and my mission to teach you how to rock out your selfies each and every time you click the shutter button. For you to get to a place where you open your photos and smile because you can finally capture the best version of yourself in a selfie.

I know you CRAVE that.




This is the moment you decide you are worth it.

Here’s What To Expect!

* Class Officially starts April 13 *

Video Lessons

I mean, who didn’t watch the movie instead of reading the book for some research papers, right? In this program, every thing is taught through video so you can see what I do and how I do it. They will be uploaded to your classroom each week on Monday.

Weekly Homework

No, you won’t be doing tons of research or reading, but I do believe that using the skills you learned, again and again, is what makes this all stick! Doing the homework assignments each week shows you and me what you are understanding and what you may need a bit more help with. It won’t be graded, don’t worry!

Coaching & More Coaching

This class is so near and dear to my heart and is pretty technical so it is very coach heavy. That means that you will be getting lots of my advice and constructive critiques throughout the program. I will also have coaching hours weekly so you can ask the questions you need answered.


Part of this transformation takes place when you have people rallying behind you and helping you get through your fears, and that is exactly what this community is for. For being there for everyone as you push through the muck to get to the shine!

Oh My LANTA! Count Me IN!









what others are saying



I’m a makeup artist and a busy mom of 7 kiddos! I took Liberty’s selfie class and it made a huge difference not only in the quality of my selfies but also boosted my self-confidence AND my makeup sales! Liberty’s class also included tons of tips on leveraging social media for the best exposure and sales techniques.

If you’re wondering how those around you are getting great selfies and absolutely killing their at-home business or why you are falling behind, you’ll want to invest in Liberty’s classes! You’ll thank your selfie later! – Leah

I have taken courses with Liberty since January 2019 and have taken ALL the courses she has offered, and believe it or not I learn something new every time. Over the past year, I have learned all about lighting, angles, engagement, but most importantly gained confidence.

The community has been so uplifting and Liberty is a great coach because she’s honest and helpful. Before this journey, I had very little confidence, hated pictures of myself, and didn’t feel like I had any value. I’ve worked through my own internal doubts and now have confidence, love pictures of myself, and know I HAVE VALUE.

This class is more than just about those selfies… this class is about loving you and working towards getting that confidence you need and want. –Morgan AKA Mo



What’s Included?

7 Audio Journal Prompts

Let’s jumpstart the transformation by erasing all the negative things we say to ourselves and replace it with uplifting empowering thoughts. You will get an audio recording from me and a journal prompt for the first 7 days of class and we will discuss any blocks that come up.

4 Video Lessons

I am a visual learner and it turns out I am a visual teacher too! Lesson 1 – Lighting will cover everything you need to get great lighting in your selfies. Lesson 2 – Angles & Poses will teach you how to become a professor of your face and body and how it photographs. Lesson 3 – Facial Expressions will go deep into how we convey all the things through our face. Lesson 4 – Sell It In a Photograph covers how to take selfies with props and products that make your audience what to know more.*

Weekly Homework

No, I won’t be hunting you down, or sliding into your DMs. It’s not mandatory, and I won’t be grading it, but I do believe this part is so important to actually getting the results you desire. Show up, watch the lessons, complete the homework. Easy peasy. This is also the very best way to get my attention and advice. I go through homework assignments and tell you exactly what I think about it, and if needed what would make it better

Weekly Coaching Hours

Coaching begins on April 13. I’ll be active in this group Monday – Friday and available to answer any questions you have, review your selfies, give you opinions, help you tackle your mindset and more. Although I will be in and out of the group all week long, I will be dedicating specific hours, “Coaching Hours” that I devote to being available to answer questions right as you ask them. 

2 Live Zoom Calls

I’ll be hosting 2 live group coaching calls on Zoom that will be determined once the program begins. This is your chance to hop on, chat with me face to face, and ask anything you need. YES, the call will be recorded and you can submit questions ahead of time if you can’t make it live. But it is oh so much better LIVE!


Private Facebook Group

What’s better than sitting awkwardly in your closet trying to figure out what Coach Liberty meant when she said smize? Knowing that you have a group of ladies doing the exact same thing! Enjoy this private community I have created special for you to get to know the women who are transforming right alongside you. Don’t want new friends? Cool, not a problem. You can still take comfort knowing you aren’t alone in this!

*to be clear, this program does not cover sales techniques, wording, or how to make sales. It will, however, teach you how to harness the power of a bomb-ass selfie to create more interest, attract more people and get more eyeballs on your posts!


🚨bonus 1

Lifetime presets

Lucky you! you are going to get all of the presets i have ever created for self coach including any that I create in the future. You also get access to my preset academy where i teach you how to download and use the presets, and how to tweak them to fit every photo you need. these are excellent for selfies, landscape photos, interiors…..basically everything you take a photo of should be edited with a selfie coach preset.

🚨 Bonus 2

“On Camera” Makeup for Dummies.

No, I don’t really think you’re a dummy, but I wanted to make sure you knew that this would be simple for you to learn. In this never before released bonus I will cover everything you need to understand about doing your makeup for videos and photos. Whether you are naked face everyday girl, or a Glamazon it all looks different in a lens. After watching this training you will know exactly what you need to look your best before stepping in front of a camera. Even if you don’t know a thing about makeup.

🚨bonus 3

My selfie edit workflow

this incredible video walks you through my entire process from start to finish. watch as i choose the photos i want to use, import them into Lightroom Mobile, and edit them to perfection. this is one bonus you do not want to skip out on!

🔥early Bird Bonus!

Being early is always the best! The first 5 of you to join me in this epic program will not only get all the above-mentioned materials and bonuses but you will also get a 1:1 session with me! Let’s take 30 minutes to break through anything that is holding your transformation hostage.









You have questions? I have answers.

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**Please only send an email if after you have read through the entire page you still  have questions.

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